Megan Sharpton’s Case: Donnie Jones Is Granted A New Hearing

As many of you may know, that have followed this case, Donnie Jones, the man accused of raping and killing Megan Sharpton, had pled guilty and been sentenced to “life without parole”. Not long after that took place he tried to withdraw his plea and appeal, asking for a new trial, claiming that his confession was coerced by his attorney, whom he fired. He also claimed that he was threatened by the SAO, that they would go after his wife, if he took it to trial.

That was the end of any news on this case for more than a year. The only news, unfortunately that came after that, was that on top of losing Megan, we lost her precious mother Kelly, last fall. That was not news on the case. What it was, was gut wrenching news that one of the finest people I have ever known, this world had lost.

Now here we are with the news that Donnie Jones was granted a hearing, scheduled for November 21, 2014, to hear what he has to say and for the judge to decide whether or not to grant him a new trial. What I cannot wrap my head around is why, if he were not guilty, would he plead guilty, despite what his lawyer recommended? I do not believe the SAO threatened his wife. I do believe he was probably told what they had against him and that he could do this the hard way and face death or do it the easy way and fess up and save his own life.

We have to remember that this man has a lot of evidence against him and yes, his wife, because lets face it, she lured Megan to him and just in case anyone questions that, we must remember the harassment that Kelly and her family endured by these people, until this man was arrested. Once he was arrested the shooting of signs toward her parents house, threatening of some of her other family members, stopped. Then the wife began to attack verbally at the courthouse. Do any of us really believe that this is how innocent people behave?

Sources Of Information:

Jones Gets Hearing

Judge Sets Hearing

Hearing Set

For any other information on the case you can read up here. There are older posts, if you want to read all of the articles.


Thanks to Armed 13 for giving me a heads up!

Hopefully Justice For Megan Sharpton will be done once and for all, and her family can have the peace they so richly deserve.


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Justice? The Only Way It Can Be Restored Is…

Over the years we have all cried for justice. We have cried out for justice for victims and their families repeatedly and rightfully so. We want to be a just people. We should want to be a just people. God Blesses a just people.

There is just one problem……Our leadership is wicked and the only way that justice can ever be restored is to change our leadership, by voting it out in record numbers, and never giving an ear to the voice of the movement that gave it power again. Quit buying into the bill of goods they are selling, because their goals are not for the good of the people. Their goals are to pad their pockets, steal from you and gain absolute power, while bringing a free nation down. They are so consumed with themselves and how to play us against each other for their own greed, that they do not even have sense enough to realize that if they succeed in destroying this nation, they will also destroy themselves and their own households. They and their hard core followers have been given over to reprobate minds, because they have distorted minds in the first place, from all of the drugs they did in the 1960’s and 1970’s, as well as their greed, envy and hatred. They are the hippie movement that hated the very establishment of the United States Of America. Earth to the US: They still do. They are a greedy people that are only looking out for their own thieving ways. They are liars, hypocrites and thieves. They don’t work, not really. They are lazy and feel entitled to what you have earned and will gladly redistribute some of what you have earned to those that earn nothing, so they will keep them in power.

You can change it America. Vote it out and never give it power again. Turn back to God and beg him to deliver this nation. Bless Israel, because God promised Abraham that those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. Further more, pray for these people, that God will open their eyes, their hearts and their minds to the truth and convict them to do that which is right in his sight. Never hate them, only hate what they do. Understand that if you forgive them, but are purposeful and full of resolve to stand up and vote and speak out for what is right, without being bitter, then you are blameless before God. This is what Jesus meant when he said to love your enemies and pray for those who despitefully use you. Forgiveness never means to sit back and do nothing, but does mean to handle things the right way, with resolve and without hatred.

It is my prayer that justice and blessing will once again be restored to America. May God Bless America…….


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I Have Missed Some Of My Friends…..

Just a note to let you know that I have missed some of my friends around here. I know it has been a long time since we have chatted, so lets chat. What would you like to chat about? Hope you are all doing well.



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Life Is Good, Though Some Still Suffer…What Is The Answer?

Life is good for most of us, most of the time. Most of us have a whole lot to be thankful for, if we look at things from the right perspective. I realize that somebody, somewhere is going through crisis and life doesn’t feel very good right now. Let’s face it, there are an awful lot of people suffering in this world right now.

What can we do? How do we make a difference? What is it going to take to make this world a better place? Where do we start?

What we can and should do is reach out in love to those that are hurting, but in order to be the most effective, we must first clean our own houses. You cannot save the world when your own family is in dire straights. In short, you start by working from your spot in the world. Of course, no one person can save the world…….Wait, yes there was and is one person. His name is Jesus and he came to save us. He is the answer. He is there for the asking. All you have to do is admit that you need him, believe in him and that you fall short without him, then ask him to be Lord of your life. It is that simple.

God Bless You…….


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Justice Served: Ariel Castro Put Away For Life, But He Chose The Coward’s Way Out

On Thursday, August 1, 2013, a monster was put away for good. A monster that showed absolutely no remorse for the heinous crimes he committed. That monster, Arial Castro only showed remorse for himself and how people viewed him, even the accusations against him, but the key is his only remorse was for himself. He denied the rape, abuse and murder he committed. He was full of excuses, a psychopath through and through.

While justice is wonderful in this case and it is a big story, we cannot lose sight of the bigger story in all of this, the courage, faith and wonderful attitudes of 3 of his victims. Before going any further, I would like to share a video of what these 3 wonderful young ladies had to say, prior to his sentencing.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were put through hell on earth by this monster, but they show qualities to be admired, in spite of it all. Like Jaycee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart and others, finding those young ladies makes us once again question how many of “the missing” could be in captivity right under our noses? How do we overlook the monsters amongst us and what they are doing?

Just over a week ago, Ariel Castro took the coward’s way out. He committed suicide, after serving less than a month of his sentence. He couldn’t even take his own captivity, yet he saw no wrong in the captivity he kept those young women in (which I am sure was far worse than what he faced in prison). Amazing how that works.

I truly hope and pray that those 3 young women and one little girl, that faced his wrath for those years, go on to have VERY BLESSED LIVES. I pray for all 4 of them.

Source of Information:,0,3067452.story

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Why I Don’t Trust President Obama On Syria Or Anything Else……..

Like many Americans and others across the globe, I have been paying very close attention to the news of the day and particularly the situation in Syria. I have been very torn on this issue because I do care about innocent men, women and children being murdered. Though I do care about that and it is heart breaking, I have this overwhelming bad feeling about this whole matter, call it a gut feeling, whatever, but while I do care, I am opposed to what President Obama and his administration have proposed. I am not even very happy about Russia taking the lead in fixing the situation. It just doesn’t pass the smell test, none of it does.

It was all I could do to wait this out and not post on it, but I wanted to wait until I fully understood why I feel the way I do. I asked myself some very important questions, which made me look up the things that came to mind that led me to this opinion, making sure that my memory served me correctly. I listened to the Senate hearings and I listened to the President. I did all that I could to make sure I fully understood what I could that led to this point and what made me feel ill at ease on this situation.

Now it is time to make my case on this issue and others that are rather intertwined with this one. I will start with the WMD’s (Weapons Of Mass Destruction). The media and the government would have us believe that Syria has just been collecting them over time and maybe they have, but, we do have to consider the source of these weapons that they possess. Back in 2006, an explanation was given as to what happened to Sadam Hussein’s WMD’s, because we all knew he did have them. He did the same thing Syria is doing. He practiced on his own people. No one believed the following explanation back then, but today, I believe it makes a lot of sense.

Just in case you are a bit apprehensive in believing General Sada……..Take a look at the following article, which quotes James Clapper, Director Of National Intelligence in the Obama Administration and others, that maintain the exact same thing. The WMD’s or chemical weapons were, in fact, moved to Syria before the US invaded Iraq in 2003.

Iraq Chemical Weapons Moved To Syria

I found yet another article siting many sources on the very same subject, saying exactly the same thing. This article even states that it is a myth that Sadam’s WMD’s did not exist. In my opinion that means that all of the people who have repeatedly called George W. Bush a liar on the subject and called that faulty intelligence, that Sadam possessed the weapons, know the truth and they are the ones lying about it, or they have kept their heads in the sand on this issue.

Syrian Chemical Weapons

Most in the media and the government will not admit to that. To me it is very plain to see that is exactly what happened. We have to also remember that Sadam knew we were coming for some time, so the element of surprise was gone and he had plenty of time to clean things up. Do you remember the following “hot mic” moment?

Are we being played here? Somehow, I think we are. I know that the explanation for the “hot mic” incident was that it was about the arms treaty, or missile defense, something to that effect, but I wonder if that was what it was really about. What was President Obama going to be able to have more “flexibility” on after his re-election and how did he know he would be re-elected?

I never warmed up to the President’s idea of just casually dropping a few bombs, whenever, to scare someone into submission. Even more hair-raising was the idea that he and his administration were giving so much warning that we were coming. Not that it hasn’t been done before, which, I believe explains Sadam’s stash going to Damascus in the first place. It is just not a smart way to do things in regards to war. I will say that on this particular instance, I think the American people did need to know about it.

I am not surprised that Russia, Iran and China are against us, nor am I surprised that the United Nations is against us on this issue. These are the biggest four enablers of rogue countries, terrorism and bad behavior on the planet. They don’t even stop at just enabling. Some of them even supply the weapons and they know who they are and so do we. None of them really have our best interests at heart. They never did!

On the other hand, President Obama and his administration have gone around the world to be weak and confusing about his intentions. Which makes us question the facts of the matter, because he has even been quoted as saying they did not have definitive proof that Assad was actually the one who used those weapons. Why would you trust people who are known to be untrustworthy? (on either side of this issue)

So now we have come to the issue of trust. I don’t trust the UN, Russia, Iran or China, but I don’t trust the Obama Administration either. We have to remember that this is the same administration that has armed rebels against other governments, that wound up empowering our staunchest enemies and we shouldn’t have been involved in the first place. This is also the same administration that is responsible for Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Scandal, the NSA Scandal, Seal Team Six, The Affordable Health Care Act (aka, Obamacare), investing our money into worthless companies, giving us no choice, attacking our energy sources (coal, oil and natural gas industries) and refusing to lead us to energy independence, driving prices through the roof and making it harder for families to make ends meet. I could go on and on, but the truth is that this administration is destroying this country and is responsible for more bumbling, murder and mayhem than any other in history. President Obama is the worst president in US history, just as those in Congress that share his agenda are also some of the worst leaders in our history.

At this point I am sure someone is saying, but he got bin Laden! He didn’t do that. He just gave the okay and watched it in real-time on video. Seal Team 6 did that, based on intelligence that was years in the making and then his administration betrayed them. We also have to remember that the person and his family that gave us the latest intel on bin Laden’s whereabouts, was left in Pakistan, by this administration and the man’s identity was exposed to the world. In case you are unfamiliar with the story of Seal Team 6, take a look at the following link.

Who Betrayed Seal Team 6?

That is not how you treat heroes. Just like every other scandal or debacle, this administration has done its best to cover this up. How can we trust leadership that claims to care about the innocent in another country, when they do not even care about their own people? They don’t even have a record of caring about those who were the most loyal to them, from the Seal Team 6 members to those killed in Benghazi, even our soldiers that have been killed by the Taliban that President Obama released from Guantanamo Bay (the ones he felt we needed to make as partners in peace in Afghanistan)? How can you trust leadership that calls the Fort Hood Massacre “work place violence”, when it was clearly an act of terrorism? How can you trust leadership that ignores repeated warnings from Russia about a family that was clearly trouble, resulting in the Boston Marathon bombing?

Investigating the Boston Bombing

Nothing this administration touches is working out in the best interests of our country. How can we trust them on anything they say, when everything they tell us is a lie? How can we trust them when they are living the high life and everything they touch is disastrous? Do you trust them? I don’t even trust those that side with them, no matter which side of the aisle they are on.


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Our Phony President

President Barack Obama is back on the campaign trail, after a very brief pause, because lets face it, that is what he does best…….He campaigns. This is exactly why so many dub him our campaigner and chief, rather than our commander and chief.

In his recent speech he talked about Washington failing us, because it is too focused on phony scandals….

Definition of PHONY

: not genuine or real: as

a (1)   : intended to deceive or mislead (2)   : intended to defraud : counterfeit

b   : arousing suspicion : probably dishonest <something phony about the story>

c   : having no basis in fact : fictitious <phony publicity stories>

d   : false, sham <a phony name>

e    : making a false show: as (1)   : hypocritical (2)   : specious


This is the exact statement he made:

But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball.  And I am here to say this needs to stop.  (Applause.) This needs to stop.

The entire speech:

As he usually does, the president delivered an interesting speech and if you had no clue what he was talking about and you listened to that speech, well, you would probably be all on board with whatever he said, if you had no clue what he was talking about. If, however, you pay attention to what is going on in the world and you know what he was talking about, then he came across as phony, or disingenuous to say the least.

Scandals of the day that the president’s administration is involved in:

1. Fast and Furious – People died because his Justice Department decided to give Mexican drug lords a pile of firearms, to allegedly be able to track and catch the underworld, but, oops, they forgot to properly track them, lost track and well, no one knows where they ended up. THIS IS NOT A PHONY SCANDAL!

2. Benghazi – People died because the president wanted to prove to the world that diplomacy works and he was up for re-election, therefore, it was all the more important for him to paint his predecessor as a war monger and himself as the ultimate peace maker with an enemy that we have faced for decades, an enemy that cannot be reasoned with. So his State Department put a consulate in a hornet’s nest, and this consulate was not secure by any reasonable standards, much less the standards that our government is supposed to house diplomats in, in areas that others flee from. After the British and the Red Cross fled from Benghazi, because of attacks by the terrorists, way before 9/11/2012, repeated requests for more security that were denied and some of the security was actually removed, leaving the ambassador and others almost naked to the evil, the State Department turned a blind eye and refused to even send help on 9/11/2012, while 4 Americans were brutally murdered and many others wounded. To make matters worse the whole thing was blamed on a video that had nothing to do with it and the man who created that video was imprisoned on trumped-up charges, where he remains today. This whole thing was covered up and blamed on a scape goat, so our president could get re-elected and no one would know that his policy failed miserably. Those 4 Americans died because of arrogance and pride. THIS IS NOT A PHONY SCANDAL!

3. The Drones and the president’s “kill list” – Isn’t that just a bit too much power for the president alone? People have died and while the president and his people want us to believe that it was just a bunch of terrorists, it has been reported that some innocent lives have been lost in that little endeavor as well. THIS IS NOT A PHONY SCANDAL!

4. The NSA – Okay, so whether you believe that Snowden is a traitor or a hero, the one good thing that came from this is that the American People are now aware that Big Brother is indeed watching each and every one of us and I hope that we let our leadership know about how we feel about this. Personally, I disagree that they are doing this to catch terrorists, because they pander to them for the most part and they have dropped the ball in catching the bad guys so badly, that this just cannot be anything but bogus. We need to vote people out of office that are on board with this practice. It is wrong. THIS IS NOT A PHONY SCANDAL!

5. The IRS – These guys and gals targeted the president’s moral and political opposition, to shut them down and silence them, so that he could get re-elected. This has been proven to have gone as high as the White House, itself. That is cheating and THIS IS NOT A PHONY SCANDAL!

I could keep going, if I tried hard enough, but those are the top 5 scandals from this administration, that have come to light over the past few years and none of them are phony scandals. The president is a great speaker and he talks a good talk, but he just cannot seem to walk the good walk. He has done very little to help the truly hard-working, tax paying Americans. Yes, he has helped those that do not pay in, very much so, but he has done an awful lot to hurt those that are honest and work hard and foot the bill for the those he helps. That is scandalous. His words never match his policies. Actions always speak louder than words….So do we have a phony president? Maybe he is just out of touch and has no idea what the people that work for him are doing?

What do you think???

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The Brainwashing Of Our Young People…….

This is a very important issue, that needs to be addressed. Our children, from babies to college age are being brainwashed by digital media and in our educational system. Daily our children’s minds are being fed by television, internet, video games, music and of course what is taught in their schools. Are we fully aware of what they are being taught by all of these things? Do we know what they are watching, playing, singing or who they are talking to online? Do we really know what they are being taught in school?

Have you ever seen the insurance commercial, where the girl is talking to her friend and she tells him that if it is on the internet, it must be true, because they wouldn’t allow it to be on the internet, if it were not true, then she waltzes away with her new boyfriend that she met on the internet, who is supposed to be a French model? Obviously the boyfriend was not a French model, but the scary thing is that kids are innocent like that. They do believe what they read and they would think that if it is on the internet it must be true. We know that there is a lot on the internet that is not true, but our kids don’t and there are a lot of con artists on the internet, like the one that was supposed to be the French model and much worse. The internet can be a very dangerous place for a young person. It truly requires parental supervision and parents should go a step further and teach kids internet safety, as well as using the parental controls to block content and sites that are not suitable for young people.

Do you know what your children are watching on television? Is it suitable for young people? Just because it is targeted at young children, or teens and tweens, doesn’t mean that it is suitable for the target audience. These days content that would make mature adults blush is targeted at young children. If young people are feeding their minds on violence, sex, immoral behavior and things that are too mature for them, they become desensitized to these things, which is exactly why this is being done. Want your children to be good and moral citizens? Be very careful what they are feeding their minds with. The following 2 links are both helpful tools for monitoring all digital media for your children, by giving parents valuable information as to the content.

Parents Television Council

Common Sense Media

It is important to note that if we just forbid our children everything, they will at some point rebel. However, while there are some things that are just out of the question, there are good alternatives to what we must forbid them from when it comes to digital media. At other times, especially when our children are older that we can have parenting moments and watch, read or listen to whatever they are interested in with them, discussing what is right and wrong with it, before making a decision about it. You might decide that the good lesson out weighs the negatives and decide to say okay, but only with me, so that we can discuss it. There will be much that is out of the question of course. Parental discretion is very important. Never let any media be a babysitter for your children and by all means, please make sure they get outside and enjoy the outdoors, not spending too much time on media.

The school issue is much easier to deal with and it requires one very simple act that many families no longer participate in. The family dinner table. Have dinner with your children every evening, as a family and let them tell you about their day. Ask them what they have learned. Another good thing to do, is to help them with their homework. Read those textbooks with them. Also make sure that you attend the meetings with the teachers and go to the open houses. No one is perfect and it is not always possible to do all of these things, all of the time, but if you do them at least most of the time, you will know if they are being taught edited history, or made to read books that do not fit with your moral beliefs, or are being taught about social issues that are not suitable for their ages, or opposed to your beliefs. You do have the right to intervene.

Being brainwashed and desensitized as children, teens, tweens, or even as young adults, leads to bad behaviors, as well as making poor choices in our belief systems, which we can clearly see in our own generations as parents and grandparents. Our generations have fallen victim to this practice and that is a huge reason why the world is the way it is today.

Think About It…………..

Thanks to Pam Runyon for sharing the information about the Parents Television Counsel and for requesting that we discuss this very issue, to which she is very passionate about.

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How Do We Combat The Escalating Violence In Our World?

Recently, I asked for my readers/friends to tell me what they would like to discuss, rather than me just picking the subject. The first request was from our friend Jill From Western Australia:

I wonder if you and your readers would like to discuss ways to combat the escalating violence and shootings that now seem to be the norm not only in America but around the world.  Too many lives are being lost.  :cry:

We had a bit of a discussion on that post about the reasons for it. Reasons ranging from the condition of the hearts of so many, drug use, mental illness, though we were not making excuses for bad behavior, we even discussed the brain washing of our children with the media that is targeted at them. The next issue will have its own post very shortly, the brain washing of our children, through digital media (tv, music, games, computers, etc.), but that one is also happening within our educational system. Yet another reason that we did not discuss was the break down of the family and to me that is a very important one, as the family is the cornerstone of a healthy society and let us not forget the decline in Faith, also a very important factor in a healthy society.

The issue at hand is the escalating violence, as well as the shootings, because let’s face it, all of the violence is not a result of shootings. In fact, while we have episodes of shootings, we do also have a great deal of violence from other weapons, not just guns. Evil people can make a weapon out of anything, from vehicles, to household objects, you name it. On 9/11/2001, some very evil people committed mass murder using box cutters and air planes and on 9/11/2013, in Boston, some very evil young men committed murder and caused debilitating injuries using homemade bombs filled with shrapnel. Evil knows no bounds, and yes, there is evil in the world. While God did not create any human being to be evil, He did give every human being the gift of a free will and unfortunately there are those people who choose to be evil. No one decides to be evil, without knowing what good is, so it is a choice that they made at some point. No one has ever or ever will be sent to Hell without knowing that there is a Heaven and what the Truth is. God is a Just God, no matter what anyone wants to believe. That is the Truth.

I would also like to point out that every evil act is not necessarily committed by an evil person. People can and do have moments of poor judgment, in which they commit an evil act, simply because they lacked good judgment at that moment, for whatever reason. That said, when people commit mass murder or acts of cruel and pre-meditated murder, it is usually because their hearts are filled with pure evil.

Some might say, well the mentally ill did not choose to be mentally ill and that is true, however, they still know right from wrong. They know if they are breaking down and need to get help and they know what they are doing, when they are doing it. Besides, most people who are mentally ill are not violent. Just because someone is evil, does not mean they are mentally ill, even if they appear completely irrational. Being completely irrational does not make someone mentally ill. The mind is a powerful place and a person can feed their mind with evil and irrational thoughts long enough, even knowing they are doing wrong, that their mind becomes an evil and irrational place. Just as a person can feed their body junk for so long that it becomes sick from junk, so can their mind and spirit, if all it takes in is junk. While we know we should be careful that we feed our bodies good things, with junk being an occasional treat, so it goes with our minds and spirits. If all you feed your mind and spirit is junk, sick is what you get. In other words, a person can make their mind and spirit sick, without having any genetic mental illness, whatsoever. A person can make their mind sick when it started out completely healthy.

Many people believe that stricter gun laws will solve all of these problems, but they will not, because guns are not always the weapons of choice and most law-abiding gun owners pose no threat to innocent people. We have the right to bare arms and defend ourselves, when we are being threatened or attacked. Most law-abiding gun owners do agree that people with a serious criminal history, or extensive histories of mental illness, even histories of drug addiction or alcoholism, should not own or possess a firearm, therefore background checks are really a non-issue for law-abiding gun owners, as they do feel those should be good criteria for people who should not own guns, background checks are the way to achieve that, if and only if all of this information is properly reported into the database. Just because someone is at some point depressed, does not make them “mentally ill” and should not be a good criteria, as every human being struggles with a bout or two with depression at some point in their life.

I have put forth some ideas in this post for us to discuss and I am sure that others will have some ideas on this issue, that I may not have addressed. Most of the ideas I have put forth address the reasons why, but I have not really addressed very many ways as to how we should combat this problem. One thing we should do to combat this problem is to make sure that we penalize these crimes the way they should be penalized and quit letting people get away with murder, in the name of tolerance to their religion, or their gender, or their race, or their status, or who they are related to, even how much money they can pay out. The system should be fair, though many times it is not, these days.

What do you think?

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The Jury Is Deliberating In The George Zimmerman Murder Trial UPDATED: NOT GUILTY



I have refrained from discussing this case on a large-scale, because it has been so divisive for so many. Between irresponsible media, irresponsible activists and irresponsible politicians, this case has been a powder keg for many, because the media has lied and so have all the other zealots, therefore it was hard to know all of the facts, until they all came out. We know them now, so now is a good time to discuss.

Do you think the State made its case? Do you think the defense succeeded in showing us that we really didn’t know what we thought we did?

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