What You Should Know About The Sunshine Law & The Evidence In Caylee’s Case

Let me start by saying there is a lot that you don’t know about this Law. I’m going to give you what you should know about the Sunshine Law & the evidence in Caylee’s case. I think you will find this interesting and it may clear up many questions you may have. Check it out:

I know there have been a lot of questions about the evidence ranging from why we get all that we do, to asking is this all they have. The answer to your questions about whether this is all they have is a resounding NO. This case is still considered an ongoing investigation. If you really watched that video, you will find that they don’t have to share that much at all. IMO, most of what the public is viewing is either, basic information, or throw away stuff. Information that causes more questions rather than answering the questions.

A friend of mine brought me this link and it’s very well written and spells some things out in regards to the Law. Written by a former prosecutor. Check it out:


I hope that you read all 3 pages on that. It’s a very interesting read. (Thanks O.A. !)

Case and point, they really don’t have to share as much as many think they do. One more thing in regards to the Law. The Law itself:


Now you can do a search for the facts you’d like to know on the Law at that site. The video above came from the Law Enforcement section.

I hope this clears up any and all misconceptions about the Florida Sunshine Law and all of the evidence we’ve seen, and most especially not seen. To be honest with you there is enough loop hole in that Law that if an attorney, or attorneys in a given case didn’t want the public to know much of anything, it could be done. Jose Baez fought the gag order that the State filed a motion for back in November, the Anthonys fought it too. November 26th he won. No gag order. The Judge ruled against it. The gag order would have stopped the defense, the State(which they haven’t done it to start with), and the Anthonys, all parties involved from doing the media appearances and discussing the case. The defense and the Anthonys did not want to be stopped from doing this, and it was not because of the document dumps. The State is not leaking. You are being allowed to know just enough to keep you guessing and that’s all thanks to Jose Baez.  It was said early on in regards to this matter, by the State that Baez had been leaking information to the press and then blaming it on the State and they wanted it stopped, thus the gag order. Baez assured them before the Judge knocked it down that he would not leak sensitive information and gave them an avenue to share it so that it would be secure, and out of the public eye. So really all you are getting is just enough for the “Spin”. You wouldn’t be getting that if Baez didn’t want you to, and they (the State) is not going to jeopardize Casey’s right to a fair trial, contrary to what the defense “Spin” is .  There you have it.

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77 Responses to What You Should Know About The Sunshine Law & The Evidence In Caylee’s Case

  1. itsamysterytome says:

    Excellent Niecey.

    Thanks for the great information about the Sunshine Law. This should clear up the question as to whether or not prosecutors might well have a lot more evidence than we are privy to, and it would also explain why, with seemingly so little hard evidence, they are seeking the death penalty. It could be because they DO have some hard as rock proof that Casey did it and are keeping it under wraps for the trial.

  2. niecey456 says:

    Thanks Mystery! Until I investigated this a little further, I had no idea, there were that many loop holes, but it does make sense. I do believe the State has their ducks in a row, but we will have to wait until the trial, or the deal, or however it plays out, to know all the facts. I can wait. I want this case to be handled right. It needs to be fair, and it needs to be just. At the end of the day, Justice must be served.

  3. laura says:

    I bet if Jose and the Anthonys knew then what they know now they may not have fought that gag order.

  4. niecey456 says:

    It’s possible Laura, very possible.

  5. Hilde says:

    Hello Every One…
    just stopped by to thank You niecey for this Post.
    It is great how You keep us informed about this Case.
    I like visiting Your Blog because I feel like I am always welcome and I can give my honest Opinion about whatever is being discussed on Your Blog without being judged.
    I will come back later when I have more time and check out the Video and the Links You have provided for us.
    I want to do that in Peace without being interupted lol,
    my family is good about that but at the same time I am blessed to have them.

    So, Ladies have a nice Day and a good Discussion :)

  6. niecey456 says:

    Hey Hilde! You are welcome and thank you!!! You are always welcome. I try to keep it fair around here. Have A Great Sunday With Your Family!:) Mine was napping, and now they are up, so I’m going to get about spending time with them.

  7. Namaste says:

    Gee and I thought the SunShine Laws pertained to us having 365 days of sunshine a year, NOT!

    Good research niecey, very informative. I have always felt that Baez was dying for more info but knows the state will hold it back as long as they can. The less time the defense has time to play with it, the better. We will see more of the real good stuff just before the trial and so will Bozo. I am still guessing that somewhere on those plastic garbage bags is Casey’s finger print.

  8. niecey456 says:

    LOL! Namaste that was funny! Thank you and well, I guess it just lays to rest the idea that the State has no real case, one of many of the defense’s montras. These montras are bogus, but I did hear LKB on her book tour with hubby saying that the case will go to trial in June of next year. I guess we will see, but no matter what there is a reason the DP was put back on the table.

  9. nancy says:

    Hi Niecey, hi everyone! Great information on the Sunshine Law! The prosecution definitely has the info to bring KC down once and for all at trial. I think it is poetic justice that Bozo fought the gag order and now can’t do anything about what has come out on this case! lol

    Namaste, hi!! I also think there is KC’s finger prints on the duct tape and it will be revealed in court!!!

  10. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hello my l♥velies…Niecey and O.A. thanks for the Link to Wendy Murphy…she explained what we all have been hoping…that the State does NOT have to disclose everything {not yet anyway!}…goooooody! :mrgreen:

    Ostella I dooo understand your frustration but you will have to be patient {can your parrot yell that at you?}

    Twenty years ago I shattered my knee whilst jumping on a garden trailer…trying to compact the green waste before taking it to the “tip.” This resulted in a total knee replacement with two titanium rods & 9 screws…wheelchair for 6 months then a further 6 months of walking frames etc. Naturally rheumatism has set in {wish I could unscrew the damn thing} but I still managed to play golf until about 5 years ago so I consider myself very fortunate.

    I don’t use the walking stick around home but it is great in shopping centres…others give me a wide berth:mrgreen:
    The one thing it has taught me is patience {though I certainly am not showing it when it comes to my total frustration with KC & all who surround her}…guess we all have to blow off steam from time to time🙄

    Yippee we are having some “proper” rain…much needed…though we still have water restrictions and sadly will continue these for many years to come.

    Okie dokey my friends…take care…hugs from over the pond. 😆

  11. niecey456 says:

    Hey Nancy! Thanks! I think they have what they need to convict her with ease, no doubt. I think we may have a few surprises in store.

    Hey Jill! Makes you feel better about the case. Doesn’t it?
    Ouch, that sounds like a great deal of pain. I’ll bet it did teach you patience. Yaaaaaaaaaay You Got Rain!!!!!!!! HUGS!:)

  12. Objective Analyst says:


    Good Afternoon Everyone

    niecey welcome. niecey, reference the sports bottle/white sediment/syringe found @ crime scene.

    Started poking around, the above link gives some plausible
    explanation, i.e., Lab tested. This could at the very least give some insight to testing (Caylee’s Hair).

    As you know, most of the report(s) “exemption sunshine”
    excluded from discovery, IMO this drug may in fact be what was found in the bottle.

    Of course, many links to “benzodiazepines,” but this one offers a straightforward definition. What jumps out after researching the drug, could be water soluble, but used with a syringe, given orally. Hence, infant/toddler medication syringes, > meds for youngsters.


  13. Objective Analyst says:

    Read the Abstract, the conclusions could parallel what Casey used. Per Cindy nursing background, employment status. Moreover, what was found in Cindy’s plethora of meds?

  14. Namaste says:

    I am not really up on the sports bottle found except that I recall reading about it being found near the body, (remains) sorry George.

    Only because I have been there in the woods and looked around, I would say this was an area during the winter months where druggies would hang out. Possibly even homeless as there were some mattresses in the woods but nothing to indicate cover, like a tent or plastic to keep the rain off.

    My first thought when I heard about the bottle was it was left there by someone else along with lots and lots of garbage. Would be nice if it had a good fingerprint on it.

  15. BEES KNEES says:

    Good day, all! I enjoyed all your links, Niecey! I was particularly interested in the piece from The Daily Beast. Veeeeeery interesting ~ and thank you, OA for the benzo links. Am off to read now!

  16. Objective Analyst says:


    Related article on side effects. Side note(s) should not be given to children under 6 years of age. Light sensitivities,
    (perhaps reaching here), Caylee often seen with sunglasses.

    Welcome Bees.

  17. niecey456 says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Had some errands to run. Hope everyone is well.

    OA, that is very interesting. Makes a lot of sense. I read the first, am off to read the second.

  18. niecey456 says:

    OA, that makes sense. The opportunity was definitely there. She may have done something like that thinking she was making her more comfortable, and more quiet.

    Bees, I’m glad you enjoyed that. OA inspired me with that link. It is very interesting and I think it explains why they have DP on the table, and we still don’t see much.

  19. niecey456 says:

    OA very good possibilities with this, shoot it even sounds from the behavior issues these drugs cause that Casey may have been taking them. The wheels are turning in my mind.

  20. niecey456 says:

    Namaste, that sports bottle w/syringe was found in the Disney bag that was found right next to her skull. I believe the Disney bag had diapers, and her personal stuff in it, otherwise, I would completely agree with you on that, as I saw all of the bottles, and cigarette butts, and I know where I live you can find things like that in the woods too. That one was of particular interest to me, as it was on the evidence list and it never appeared again, but was specifically stated that it was in that Disney bag.

  21. nancy says:

    Hi Niecey, is there a way to email something to you, or if you can read my email can contact me so I can send something to you. Thanks friend.

  22. MAND says:

    Good Evening Niecey O.A. and All.
    This is very interesting…Cindy could have had the drug..Valium…Librium..etc. these can be in capsule form…KC. could open the capsules and add a little fluid…water ..wine etc…she could have injected Caylee…this would have shown up in the soft tissues and blood but would not show up in bones or hair. It may show up in the hair had it been used on a regular basis over a period of time…but one time no.

    KC may have been using the drug and it could have had the opposite effect on her..being aggresive..impatient…stressed…sounds like her???
    There would be no way of knowing that now…she would have had to be tested then when she was arrested and charged with murder.
    Very interesting O.A.

  23. Namaste says:

    Thanks niecey for that info, I was not aware of that. That will be an interesting thing to find out more details on, can’t wait.

  24. niecey456 says:

    Hey Nancy! I emailed you.

    I think it is Mand. I don’t think they tested her for prescription drugs when they arrested her. I think they only test them for illegal drugs. The signs it shows in a young adult sure do sound like her behavior.

    Me either Namaste, that bottle has been bothering me. LOL!

  25. Objective Analyst says:


    Pursuant to the discovery. Redundant, however, outlines the discovery exemptions and/or exceptions.

    Welcome niecey, mand & Jill.

    Flying the coop on evening commute. Talk with everyone tomorrow.


  26. niecey456 says:

    Thanks OA! Have A Good Evening!!!

  27. ostella says:

    Hi everyone!

    That sports bottle has stuck out to me like a tattood pig from the second it was reported… While I’m totally aware it could be a red herring, the proximity to the skull, the disney bag, etc leaves a feeling in my gut that I can’t ignore. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there also a deflated Pooh / Disney balloon right next to the bag with the bottle in it? I think I read that, but am not totally sure…..

    Also, I thought they had tested caylees remains for the prescription drugs taken from the home (valium, etc) and those tests came up negative…. But as Mand said, that wouldn’t neccesarily show up in bones and hair….


    Off to read OA’s links…..

    Jill, I’m so sorry, that’s awful!!😦
    My husband has offered to build me a walker. He’s gonna fasten 2 canes together with some sticks, put some tassles on the handles, attach a bike horn and a bell, and watch me go!:)

  28. niecey456 says:

    Hey Ostella!
    As a matter of fact there was. I remember reading that.
    Good observation Ostella.

  29. MAND says:

    Hey Ostella when your husband finishes that we all need to see it!!!!!LOL

    You are a stitch…keep healing girl…don’t push it…not worth it.

  30. niecey456 says:

    LOL! That would be sight Ostella, we should see that one. Please recover, we need you well, so be a good patient.:)

  31. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hello my l♥velies…Ostella {promise not to laugh}… I was soooo desperate to go outside and weed my garden that I used a light weight tin chair for my first walking frame…it had its advantage…I could sit on it to rest for a spell😆

    It was then that I hired a walker {docs gave me crutches…NOT very useful when you are 5’10” tall and have 3 =^..^= trying to trip you up.} Finally the docs let me trade the useless sticks in for a walker which allowed me to hop around…I adorned it with a canvas bag which carried a multitude of goodies🙄

    I like your hubbies ideas…the bell and horn would also be useful to alert trolls…just make sure you have one good leg firmly planted before thwacking them:mrgreen:

    I was “sans” computer back in those days so did heaps of tapestries…what a good little girl I was…pity it didn’t last😳

    Hugs to everyone xxx

  32. Objective Analyst says:


    GM Everyone

    Checking the “beast” found this article by the same
    Murphy. Side note*, correlation to the benzo drug, per my post ” formulary” is rather extensive. Another theory or

    Sex Crimes Officer visited Casey’s Parent’s Home?

  33. Objective Analyst says:

    Conceivable that Wendy Murphy will make an “Impact Statement” in the closing arguments? Perhaps, LE will/has contacted for advice or interpretation, at any rate, what becomes crystal clear, the evidence in the investigation is much more complex.



  34. BEES KNEES says:

    Ostella, you are sooooo funny!!! “like a tattood pig” ha ha ha!!!

  35. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning!!!

    Jill, you are so creative. HUGS!!!

    OA, that is amazing and very well could be. I noticed all of those things, and in Caylee’s case I hadn’t considered these things. I absolutely felt that was the case in Sandra’s case. If something like this happened to Caylee, then who would the actual perp be??? (I know you can’t answer that, thinking aloud.) There apparently is much more to this. Wow!

  36. Objective Analyst says:

    B. Shaeffer Legal Analyst

    GA Everyone

    Per some discussion on the DP, listen for the key words
    Mitigating/Aggravating Circumstances.

    Andrea L. will review ALL discovery(released) and make the prudent decision, incidentally incumbent to plea. However, if her primary and/or fiduciary responsibility to remove DP from the equation, one could make a reasonable assumption
    Andrea L. will (in this case) step up to the chalk line and convince the A.G. to a lesser.

    In any event, the crucial talking points should be a lesser plea, but Casey will have to agree. With what we know, negotiations may facilitate the trial date.

    In my next post I will provide a link to Casey’s sleep pattern via the telecommunications, which, as you know
    is critical time-line. Per the release of the information, discovery provided insight relative to her cell phone activity,
    following the date(s) after June 15th. Casey slept four (4) hours per night.

    The likely scenario is a MANIC STATE, IMO shows consciousness of guilt. Relevant, at the very least to reiterate per the discovery of benzo’s.

    Majority of this information defines passe’ facts, again correlation to the “thirty-one” (31) days, PREMEDTATION.

  37. Objective Analyst says:

    Link to NEW Florida Law( I’m confident all of you have seen/read this months ago). Both aggravating and position of trust.

    Premeditation = DP

  38. Objective Analyst says:

    Cell Phone

    See everyone Friday!


  39. niecey456 says:

    Hey OA, have to have a chance to view and digest, will be back and let you know. You are such a wealth of good info!:)
    One of your comments got caught in the spam filter, probably the link, it glitches like that sometimes. I released it. BB

  40. MAND says:

    O.A. I think A.L. will look for the plea deal…just the evidence that has been released..31days…could and probably would convict her…then there is the evidence we are not privy to just yet…I’m sure she can convince KC to go along with a plea…once Baez gets the boot or it put in the back of the line…KC not talking was his idea…it benefited him not her and if Lyons points this out I think she will go along with the program.
    It would be a win for Lyons…and if she could pull it off prior to the time for her book to be released …what a good way to launch her book.
    I think that is set for a Jan.2010 release? JMO!!

  41. niecey456 says:

    OA, very interesting. See, I do feel a deal is imminent. It would be a bad move for A.L. not to. I think they have enough on her, especially since from where we are sitting there is a whole lot more to this than meets the eye. We don’t know the half of it most likely. Very good links. While I have seen this before, when you put together like you did and coupled with the discussion we’ve been having, it’s very telling. Much more so put together. Great Work!:)

    Mand, I do agree about the plea deal. I think we are all on the same page. I do like the idea that A.L. would want to wrap up her “win” before the release of her book, it would sort of enhance publicity.

  42. BEES KNEES says:

    Hi Niecey! I see that strange irritated troll is back on WP and whining it’s same old tired baloney again. Whenever I see it’s logo I generally stop to read and see who it has decided to attack (or should we say “highlight”) this time. Who knows if it’s male or female ~ it’s so hard to ell these days!!! HA HA HA!!! One thing I can ALWAYS be sure of though is that troll will be boo-hooing about somebody. And trying to pick a fight. That seems like it’s the only thing it can do ~ like a one-trick pony. And being as I’m a huge gossipy b*tch I just can’t resist watching! Hee!

    But Niecey, seriously . . . SERIOUSLY, you and your blog are not even in the same ball park as that odd troll is!!!! I blog and read yours because it is enlightening, interesting and educational and beautifully formatted, easy to understand. Your warm, caring personality shines through every word. People come here for those exact reasons. People that go to that other peculiar blog are only doing it because they need something to chuckle about. That’s all it is Niecey. A cheap chuckle, a small shake of the head and then move on. And now maybe she will boo-hoo about me for a change. Just want you to know that if it does, I’m OKAY with that!!!!

    I hope you don’t feel compelled to address her for anyone else’s sake but your own. I saw your comment over there and it just doesn’t belong there. Nothing of yours belongs there. You are so much better. You are so much above it all. Don’t sink down to those dark depths. I hope you got it all out of your system and no longer feel a need to post there. Are we good? Good!

    Now, more importantly, what do we think about that liar Cindy Anthony going on Nancy Grace to spread more lies??? Good thing that woman doesn’t have Pinnochio’s nose!!!! She wouldn’t be able to get through the studio doors!!!!

  43. BEES KNEES says:

    OA, you are a WEALTH of information!!! I am curious as to why they tested Caylee for the benzo drug but I was even more interested in the info on the Sunshine laws. And it was comforting to realize that the state may very well have more evidence that we won’t see till trial.

    And I see you’ve put up a link to my BF Bill Shaeffer. Am off to read his most recent brilliance. Be right back!

  44. ostella says:

    Her stupidity ate her shame a long time ago…

  45. BEES KNEES says:

    Ha ha ha!!! You are Fuuuuuuunny, Ostella.

    I wanted to say: OOOPS!!! Cindy is NOT going to be LIVE on NG, which is what I thought I heard. Just a bunch of clips it sounds like. Boy, I was putting on my thinking cap and was about to send Nancy some questions to ask her! Snort!

  46. ostella says:

    Niecey you should ask MM if sindys bunghole tastes like chewing gum.

  47. MAND says:

    Ostella…You are in rare form!!!!

    Hi Bees…it might be interesting I am going to try and watch.

  48. niecey456 says:

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Bees, you are such an absolute sweetheart! I don’t know what I would do without you. You always make me smile. I know I shouldn’t have, but I had some questions, that I really didn’t expect good answers to, rather to make a point. I won’t be back. You are right it’s just a game over there. I did get it out of my system and feel much better now.:)
    I’m interested in the Cindy thing. I don’t know if it will be really good or just review. I know Nancy G. has erred on the side of compassion with her, so I don’t expect it to be a bashing. Which is good, I should hope it would be balanced. I expect mostly review, but in review, sometimes very good points missed can come out. I don’t watch her but once in a while, so I read about it, but I hear it won’t be on Friday and Monday as previously stated, as Nancy G. is going to do MJ coverage and they didn’t give a time when they would show it. That’s last I heard.

  49. niecey456 says:

    LMBO Ostella!

    Oh well Bees, I didn’t expect Cindy to go on that show. I think there would be a brawl break out if she did. Both are too opinionated and too stubborn to give and both are quick for the tongue lashing.

    ROFL Ostella! Good One!!!

    Do any of you know of the rescheduling?

  50. MAND says:

    Niecey I had not heard that…I’ll try and catch it..
    I have HLN on a lot during the day.

  51. niecey456 says:

    I read it on one of the news sources, I believe the Sentinel.

  52. ostella says:

    Hi everyone!

    Bees, if MM lashes out at you next, maybe she’ll do something totally new and different, and try and push hot emotional buttons in a whole blog all ’bout lil ole you, to bait you into a fight over there. OR… Her and her sockpuppet friends will $hit-talk you in the comments section to try and get you to come over and defend yourself… The second you comment, though, Detective Thorny Vagina has your email and IP, and an irrational score to settle….she hates everyone and everything (except the Anthonys, for whatever reason), and feels a bizarre need to make everyone else as miserable as she is. Who cares who/what she hates from one day to the next? Its always something, whether its she no-likey humble, she no-likey John, she no-likey Niecey…..


    Boring. Playground. Antics.

    Thorn. Infested. Cuckoos nest.

  53. niecey456 says:

    Very Very Good Points Ostella! Time to move on!!!:)

  54. ostella says:

    Ya know, maybe if she didn’t check humble and john and nieceys blogs several times a day, their comments wouldn’t annoy her. Sound familiar?


    Another thing:her sockpuppet friend tengard/ dragnet (supersweet code) who claims to be a close friend of the A’s who has never surfaced until now to defend them, has informed her that G and C don’t read these blogs because they have “far better ways to spend their time.” So if they’re not reading, they’re not offended. So why does she keep arguing that john and humbles blogs are so hurtful to G and C, and are making their lives so miserable? It makes NO SENSE. Unless she just wants to pick a fight with everybody she no-likey….Go spend time with that family that supposedly keeps you so busy that you couldn’t possibly be a “no life blogger who does nothing but blog about this case.” Go on a treasure hunt for HRT. Or just keep baring your ass and making a fool of yourself, I really don’t care…. Hypocrites are their own punchlines….

  55. BEES KNEES says:

    Ostella!!!! You SAID it!!!!

    Personally? Don’t. Care.

  56. Objective Analyst says:

    Happy Fourth of July!

    See you next week.


  57. BEES KNEES says:

    Ostella, I was just at Niecey’s previous thread and saw the link you left regarding the pavers. That was REALLY interesting. It is also very believable and explains a lot of things. I’m off to look at the pavers.

  58. BEES KNEES says:

    OA ~ you come and go so quickly. Just as I’m finally absorbing your ideas and your links, you leave again. Come baaaaaaaack! Are you of the opinion that the feds have Casey’s prints? I am. If you’ve already addressed this, I’m sorry.

  59. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!!!

    Ostella, You are so funny. You just call it like you see it! I agree.

    Happy 4th OA!!!

    That was interesting Bees.

  60. BEES KNEES says:

    Good Morning Fair Niecey! Well, I guess we won’t be getting a new doc. release tomorrow (Friday ~ seems to be their favorite day for such occasions, judging by the last few) seeing as your county will be in the thick of Fourth of July celebrations. WO-HOO!!! Congratulations America! I just watched a movie last night about Virginia being settled ~ Jamestown, actually. Four hundred years ago.

    I have been hearing that the Bar would deal with Baez & Co. after this date so m a y b e we will hear something next week.

    I’ve been using this recent “down” time ~ I know. I’m hopelessly addicted!!! (blushing) and I had jotted down a few things that I hadn’t heard of before. Or if I had, I forgot ~ there’s just soooo much to keep track of. Anyway, what relevance is Stephanie Kostakis? Can’t remember that name at all ~ so I’m off to research it.

  61. BEES KNEES says:

    Oooops ~ forgot part of my sentence there. Hate it when that happens. Anyway, meant to say: using this recent down time “to look back at old interviews and depos, etc.”

  62. niecey456 says:

    Good Morning Bees!:) Yes, it is slow moving, and I think you are right that after the 4th it will move. I know when you go back and look at who they interviewed, and what they collected, you do begin to realize how much we haven’t seen, and then we get the things like D. Casey’s interview, was mostly kept from the public, and the video was kept out, it makes you realize, we don’t know near what LE does. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting on that Bar investigation.

  63. BEES KNEES says:

    It was a revelation to me, when I read the Sunshine Laws link above, that the defense could decide to withhold evidence until court. I’m reading it right, I hope.

    Niecey, O.A., Ostella, do any of you have a theory as to why this particular case has soooo many twists and turns? Is it just that we’re not used to the Sunshine Law? Or is it because there were so many lies told by so many people ~ did one crook attract the next crook and on and on . . . ? It’s very hard to wrap my mind around all of this being created by one not-so-smart sociopath who has so far cost Florida hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours of searching for and ultimately finding her daughter.

    I guess what I’m unrealisticly hoping for would involve a highly detailed, organized flow chart or something of how this all fell into place featuring all of the crooks involved ~ who owns which Adult Entertainment company, who sent the PIs to the dump site, and my personal favorite: how did Casey Anthony and Zeniada Gonzoles get traffic citations on the same day (May 24th, 2008) ~ not to mention the tidbit that Casey met Tony Lazzarro for the first time at a party that same evening (May 24th, 2008). Was there a mastermind, of sorts, orchestrating all of it or was it simply just a bunch of random acts one following the other until there was not one left standing? It’s like my granddaughter says, “I can’t believe my mind!”

  64. ostella says:

    Good mornin everyone!

    Bees, that link about the pavers answered a lot of questions for me too…. I have very little doubt they served as a marker for Dominic during his walk in the woods….also, I remembered something else a lil wierd… Remember the statement Bozo read for casey when the A’s cremated Caylee? It said, “I know they cremated her; I had told my mother that I wanted a TOMBSTONE at the grave, so I could visit caylee one day….” I know this may sound kinda farfetched, but what if that was Casey and Bozos subversive way of saying that cindy knew all along about the missing pavers in the backyard serving as a “tombstone” of sorts at the gravesite? Just a thought….

  65. niecey456 says:

    Wow! Bees, you know, I can only tell you what I know. Kid Finders has been in business since 2006. They did their stuff for Trenton Duckett, and a few others. They have many splinter busnesses and non-profit orgs. Dominic Casey also owns a construction company. He worked for the defense (supposedly until October), before he worked for the A’s and Casey. There are many orgs that were started because of this case, and there are more than one or 2 folks that sold a story to the National Enquirer. One common denominator between the defense, the A’s and the orgs, is the entertainment business. Gil Cabot/aka/Todd Black worked for Baez, and he started as a music producer and then turned extortionist. Kid Finders has a music producer as a major contributor and corporate sponsor. Jaime Salcedo, the Caylee Sunshine doll guy, is also a music producer. Some of these folks do films too. Michelle Bart is an event coordinator, and a PR person. She does events for charities and political activism. She’s heavily tied to ABC/Disney. The thing is Baez and the A’s hold the key into how they all got connected. They are the common denominators. I don’t think this case is really anymore sensational than others I’ve followed, but the defense and the family had made connections to the
    “Gravy Train”. They kept it sensational, as it sells. There seems to be a deep dark side to this case that is so dirty, and in time it will all be revealed, but this case attracted some very shady characters.

  66. niecey456 says:

    Ostella, it did for me too. I agree with you that that could be very possible. I do think the Bar investigation shows that the D. Casey thing was a set up for dirty, and it will be so interesting to me to see how that comes out.

  67. MAND says:

    Niecey…I agree Baez is the common denominator in this case. He seen this case as an opportunity to make a lot of money…and his friends were more than eager to aid him in this endeavor…and they knew how to play the game.
    This case had some good makings…a pretty young mother…a missing child and the mother’s not so conventional life…plus the fact she was a pathological liar….he knew if he played his cards right he could make quite a lot of money and gain the recognition he so badly wanted…Baez made this more about himself than KC….his only concern for her was that she would do as he told her so he could stretch this case out for as long as possible.
    As for G&C…I think there’s was more an accident than planned…Kid Finders found them and that’s where it all started for them….and all they were doing and are still doing played right into Baez’s little scheme…JMO…..

  68. niecey456 says:

    Hey Mand, I agree about Baez whole heartedly, and I agree that the A’s did not have the connections until they connected with KF’s and Baez. I do think they sort of fell into it, but it didn’t take them long to catch on. Baez has thrown Casey under the bus on more than one occasion and it made for big stories, as well as the rest of the circus acts. I do think he’s a gold digger with very selfish motives. I hope the Bar takes care of that for him. It’s all such a giant puzzle, and yet, it’s not because the case itself was really more bizarre than any other, (look at Haleigh’s) but that it had the right players to keep it sensational. They knew how to play the game.

  69. Jill from Western Australia says:

    Hello all my l♥velies…just poppin in to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July.

    I’ve got the rotten flu😥 … hope to be thwacking on all 4 cylinders again soon.

    Hugs from over the pond xxx

  70. ostella says:

    Jill, I’m so sorry you’re sick!😦 take VERY good care of yourself, young lady! Drink plenty of fluids and get your rest. We need you in tiptop shape!

  71. niecey456 says:

    Hey Jill! I’m sooo sooo sorry you are sick. Please take care of yourself. Hugs to you!!! Prayers too!!!!
    (Ostella is right we need your thwacking abilities, so take care!):)

  72. ostella says:

    Niecey, I just realized Bozo must be a busy lil bee settin up for the Turd Herd’s kiddypool party tomorrow! He’s practically been livin in his mens one-piece swimsuit (1920’s style) the last few days, hanging crepe paper and balloons all over the backyard. The juicyjuice is spiked (he tested it last night, and it is potent), the kiddypool is full, the slip-n-slide is setup, and Subway is delivering a 12-ft sandwich at noon…. I heard LKB and Lyons have rehearsed a synchronized swimming routine to perform for everyone. They even have matching skirted bathing suits…stars and stripes….

  73. niecey456 says:

    LMBO Ostella! I’ll bet that they have the Casey Cake ready, and KF’s will have bill boards, G&C will be there with bells on their toes of course. Wonder if Michelle Bart and Dominic Casey are coming??? If MB shows up, you can bet she’s bringing crab cakes from “The Ritz”. I’ll bet they have the whole event on webcam for Casey too, so she can see what she missed.

  74. ostella says:

    Yes, they managed to get the pic of casey in her flag dress frosted on top of that cake! It was no easy task, but sindy flew in a cake decorator from Paris who specializes in airbrushing photos onto cake frosting. She’s paying him with $$$$ donated to the CMA Foundation.

    Maybe kidfinders will bring the Go Go Gadget boat to the party? They can park it next to the kiddypool, and dive right in. Or maybe the pool is big enough to fit the boat inside? Anchors away!

    Dominic will definitely NOT be attending. Bozo sent him an official uninvitation, due to the whole “Bar Complaint Fiasco ’09.” The uninvitation said, “Me no likey you. You suck. Stay away from my party on the 4th, or I’ll start sayin you hate hispanics and stuff. Go Turd Herd!

  75. niecey456 says:

    This makes sense about D. Casey and I’m betting Hoover is uninvited too. I’m sure MB is bringing the crab cakes, so they won’t uninvite her. Cindy is sharing beauty tips with LKB and AL, and her top tip is the low hanging bra, and bubble gum smacking, it her next tip. LKB is going to show her how to do hair extensions.:)

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